22 februari 2012


THE REAL FACE BOOK PROJECT is growing. It's an interactive project.
You can find it on the facebookpage from Geert de Kockere. Every day
he posts one of my faces and everyone can add a new proverb or word inspired by them.

New is THE REAL FACE BOOK webpage Here you find the published faces.
You can click on the faces and see a selection words and proverbs people already added. Mostly they are in dutch, but everyone can join. If your sentence will be selected your name will be under the credits

so nice to see my face a day project grow into a new project :-)

4 opmerkingen:

illustration poetry zei

awww too bad i'm not on FB =(

nelleke zei

yes, too bad, it's fun :-)

Carole Reid zei

Very cool! How fun!

Tineke Meirink zei

Wat goed dat er ook een website is! Leuk dat het zo'n vlucht neemt. Verdiend!