29 februari 2012

in the newspaper :-)

Today an article about THE REAL FACE BOOK project in
De Standaard (a flemish newspaper, article in dutch)

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Gertie Jaquet zei

zoooo leuk!

Branka zei

Hello, I found your blog through Sanne Swinkels and I hope you don't mind me contacting you. We are a group of creative souls on FB who are all making something in 2012 and we would love you to join us. It is like a support community, where we can stay in touch and talk.

Here is our link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/292386624157701/

I like your blog a lot, it's quirky

illustration poetry zei

yaayyy!!! congrats!!!
you really deserve it :)))


Elizabeth Rose Stanton zei


Rosa zei

I love this blog!
I am inspired by people and faces and expressions too:) I love it how there is so much variety in people's faces, and there's definitely variety in your face drawings! I love them and I also really like the collagey approach you use sometimes. Your work has so much character