5 september 2011


illustration friday: mysterious

8 opmerkingen:

johbont zei

m lisa met appel
mooie simpele plaat

Maria Eugenia zei


017 zei

mooi hoe die knalrode appel er bijna bloederig uitspringt

Sainz Design zei

Great! Love it! It reminds me of monalisa.... but the flat hairdo and the 3D apple are a great touch. Congrats!

art is jok(k)e(n) zei

I love the simplicity . (I will call her Alisa) The nicely red and contrasty apple is well chosen.
But it could also be The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with the poisoned apple...
the mystery is not (yet) revealed..

Elizabeth Rose Stanton zei

Oh this is perfect! She has those Mona Lisa eyes--which we all know are MYSTERIOUS :)

marian zei

ik ken haar wel, het is sneeuwwitje!

Denise Scaramai zei

is great!!