14 augustus 2011


illustration friday: swell

11 opmerkingen:

johbont zei

andere blouse en das
[hij is proper op zichzelf]

fijn dat hij zo blij is met zichzelf

lilly blue zei

Your work is gorgeous!

Isabelle zei

Hahaha... love the idea!! Ho and those eyebrows... giving you a +3 on this (yes, I can!!)

indira lakhsmita zei

i love his tie :D

oh so very nice to meet you here in blogland,i didnt know you're on blogger too.

have a nice day!!!

nelleke zei

Thanks all for your comments!

Isabelle, a +3 Wow ;-)

And Indira very nice to meet you too! I love blogland, you can meet lots of nice people :-)

Have a nice day too!!

deer prudence zei

Very good reply to the topic. I think I’ve met that guy (know exactly what you mean)! Swell drawing.

els zei

kennen we dit figuur niet allen?!!!!

Teresa Dresden zei

This is delightful!

Appracadabra / Diana zei

Very nice! Love the eyebrows :-)

andrea zei

Awsome! Absolutely!

s a r a h zei

Look at his smug mug. I love your faces. Very inspiring.