10 januari 2011


7 opmerkingen:

johbont zei

een postzegelafbeelding
2040, koningin Amalia

017 zei

haha prachtig dat harkerige potloodhaar

Syene zei

Your faces are wonderful! I look forward to returning daily to see what you have created.

Missy zei

Your faces are cool. I really like #40.

Jenn MM zei

Found you on CED2011. Great mix of drawing, painting, collage and interesting subjects.

Julie Jordan Scott zei

ohmigawsh. This is an amazing face! Love the expression!! I also found you via CED2011.

So grateful to meet you today!

Read my CED2011 check in here.

Fourborne zei

You are a Stylish Blog Award Winner. I love your art. If you choose to accept this award tell 7 things about yourself that other bloggers don't know and pass award on to 15 of your favorite blogs.
Here is the widget to post your award:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_nJQhIBWdPhI/TSr9pNiIbvI/AAAAAAAABwY/u9usm15L4NM/S220/stylish-blogger.jpg